Dental Care



Signs your dog or cat needs dental care

- Bad breath
- Difficulty chewing
- Drooling
- Bleeding along the gums
- Sensitive to being touched near the mouth

By the time your dog or cat is showing you these signs, they may already have periodontal disease, which is caused by a build-up of plaque. This is causing them pain and putting them at risk for kidney, liver and heart disease. All pets need dental care as they age, but some breeds have more issues regardless of age because of genes and the shape of their mouths. You can prevent dental disease and pain by brushing your pets teeth or having the veterinarian clean their teeth to prevent the plaque build-up.

largeclinic2-225x300.jpgSigns your horse needs dental care

- Balls of hay or grass in the cheeks or dropping from mouth
- Difficulty chewing
- Weight loss
- Odor from mouth
- Reluctant to eat grain

Horses teeth continue to “erupt” throughout their life to help with wear from grazing. Without regular dental care (floating), their teeth can develop uneven wear and enamel points which cause pain when they eat.

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